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The Queen of Affordable Bookkeeping    for Mother Entrepreneurs

Specializing in helping you balance your family and business with success!


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As a mother it can be really hard, then you add a business and it just gets even crazier. Queen of Bookkeeping is an accounting firm to support Mothers in Business and help them run a successful business!

Melanie Queen, Queen of Bookkeeping, is a mother of a young family. She started the accounting firm to give mother entrepreneurs more time to work their business and be with their families. Her background is preparing personal taxes and small business accounting for over 3 years in taxes and bookkeeping. Then started her own bookkeeping firm in January 2016. She also has a bachelors degree in accounting from Brigham Young University-Idaho. 

Melanie helps you understand your bookkeeping with ease. She will sit down with you and discuss your needs. Every business is different so she makes sure to account for each business with their specifications. She has a schedule in place to ensure you are taken care of. Every monthly client gets financial statements monthly after the questions have been answered and every account has been reconciled. 

My Vision



Quit Googling all the bookkeeping questions and find answers today! No more scrambling at the end of the year to complete your bookkeeping for taxes. Do your bookkeeping regularly, and know you did it right to maximize your tax return!

A bookkeeping coaching program for you to learn the basics of bookkeeping. In the program you will learn what you need to do bookkeeping in any platform. It will have specific examples in excel, google sheets and QuickBooks Online but this course can be applied to any platform.

The course includes:

  • 6 Lessons with videos and worksheets

  • Discounted Individual Training Sessions

  • Bookkeeping Google Sheet or Excel Workbook

  • Stay up on the latest QuickBooks Online Options and bookkeeping laws!

  • Lessons include:

    • A clear understanding of differences between bookkeeping at taxes

    • Learn to fit bookkeeping into your schedule

    • Know who is a contractor and how to send them a 1099 at the end of the year

    • Setup QuickBooks Online

    • Billing clients and getting paid

    • Understanding Financial Reports

    • End of year bookkeeping

    • QuickBooks Online training


All of the amazingness for only $47 



Tired of doing your own bookkeeping? Let me help you! I will do all accepting of transactions, bank reconciliations, and send you monthly financial reports! At the end of the year, I will help you pay your sales tax and send 1099s! We also can sit down together and create a budget. Also included, a  monthly consultations to go over your financial statements together! You will just have to handle the invoices! This will save you so much time!
Up to 5 hours of Bookkeeping and support for only $297 a month with a 6-month contract.



Behind on your bookkeeping? Backdated Bookkeeping is per month that you need backdated bookkeeping done. 
Only $297 per month. Price is offered with a 6 month monthly bookkeeping contract.



One-on-One Training via zoom. Training can cover any bookkeeping questions you have. Including Quickbooks Online and bookkeeping basics. Only $67 for 30 minutes.



Do you have a question you have been dying to ask an accountant, but don't know where to turn? Or do you have a feature of your QuickBooks that you have a real quick question about?  Or are you tired of Googling for answers? We can help!  With Ask An Accountant, you ask your question, and we send you back a personalized response for just $37!



Are you behind on your bookkeeping and just need a jump start to get you back on track?


Yes! This is perfect for you! Melanie Queen, the Queen of Bookkeeping will:

  • Setup your QuickBooks Online Account (Value $297)

  • Do up to 12 months of bookkeeping (Value $3,564)

  • 1 hour Bookkeeping Training Session (value $134)

  • Bookkeeping Essentials DIY Bookkeeping Course (Value $1,248)

  • 30 Days of Email Video Support (Value $810)


All of this for ONLY $3,357!


(Savings of $2,696)



"I hired QueenSBA a couple years ago for my design and photography business. The financial part of my business has overwhelmed for over 10 years and I was barely managing to make deadlines and was always behind sending invoices and getting paid because I didn’t have an easy process in place. Melanie has helped me get set up with QuickBooks Online so that on my end, the accounting is easy. She keeps all my records straight so that my quarterly taxes are sent in on time and my end of year taxes are a breeze. She’s very meticulous so I know my finances are correct and in order. She’s quick to resolve an issue if something arises with QuickBooks Online or one of my accounts so that nothing is left unresolved. She’s also very quick to respond to email and texts when I have questions about finances. I would recommend Melanie to any small business owner. And would recommend hiring her just as you’re starting your business so everything is in order from the very beginning rather than trying to play catch up. "


Nickie Graybill - Nickie Graybill Photography and Design

"Queen SBA has helped our new business get on it's feet and has kept us running. Melanie is very knowledgeable, helpful and thorough. I highly recommend her!"

Simone Black- Fitness Machine Technicians


The Queen of Bookkeeping

Phone: 801-980-0396


Salt Lake City, Utah



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