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QuickBooks Online Tips

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Accepting Transactions

How to accept transaction in Quickbooks Online. This is the first step of bookkeeping needs to be completed regularly for your books to be complete.

Advance Settings

Advance settings in Quickbooks Online, shows you how to make advance settings and changes. It explains why you would want to make those changes.

Balance Sheet

The Balance Sheet is one of the the most important reports you need to review regularly as part of you bookkeeping.

Connect Bank Accounts

Connecting bank accounts in Quickbooks Online is one of the best features of an online accounting platform. It will pull in the transactions from your bank automatically and give you real time balances of your bank account.

Creating a New Invoice

Creating a new invoice in Quickbooks Online is fairly easy. Then once it is sent to your client they can pay it through Quickbooks Online. Once it is paid, it is marked paid and all you have to do is match it in Quickbooks Online while accepting transactions.

Customize Invoice

Quickbooks Online allows you to customize your invoice to add your logo, change the font, make the format the way you want, change the email that get sent, and so much more!

Dashboard (Home)

Dashboard in Quickbooks Online is like the home page. It is the first thing you see when you open up Quickbooks Online. It gives you quick charts to see how your business is doing as well.

Expense Settings

You can change the expense settings in Quickbooks Online. This is important to make sure that your expenses are reported correctly.

Make Check Recurring

You can make checks recurring. This is helpful when you have a recurring subscription that you pay by check.

Make Invoice Recurring

You can make invoices recurring! If you have a customer that is on a subscription, you can setup a recurring invoice and not have to worry about them getting the invoice regularly. It can be automatically sent to them!

New Bill

A bill is when you get an invoice from a vendor and you owe money. You can enter them into Quickbooks Online and then be able to see how much is due to your vendors!

New Check

Creating a new check in Quickbooks Online is nice and one it is created you can print the checks and send them. *Printing directly from Quickbooks Online requires you order Quickbooks Online checks, see the link at the bottom center to order those.

New Customer

Adding a customer in Quickbooks Online is very important so you can have their contact information all in one place.

New Product or Service

You have a new product or service! Now it is time to add it to Quickbooks Online!

New Vendor

You can add vendors in Quickbooks Online. This is very important! It helps you find charges easier and it makes it easier to send 1099s at the end of the year.

Nickname Bank Accounts

You can nickname the bank accounts in Quickbooks Online so you know which account is which. This is super helpful when you have multiple credit cards or checking accounts.

Profit and Loss Statement

The Profit and Loss Statement is the most important report. Every business should review their profit and loss at least monthly.

Profit and Loss Detail Statement

The Profit and Loss Detail Statement is an important report because it is the P&L with details that can help you notice changes that need to made or you may find charges that need to be cancelled or that are fraudulent.

Sales Settings

The sales settings in Quickbooks Online are important because this is where you tell Quickbooks to send your money, how you want your sales handled, do you want to offer discounts, and so much more!

Sending Invoices

Sending invoices in Quickbooks Online is so important. If you don't send invoices than you may not get paid.


The settings in Quickbooks Online is important that you review and make sure you have them set the way you want them to be set.

Setup Payments Profile

The payments profile will tell Quickbooks Online how you want to be paid. Make sure you get it setup correctly.

Statement of Cash Flows

The Statement of Cash Flows is another important report. It is a combination of the Profit and Loss and the Balance Sheet.

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