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Bookkeeping Essentials

Learn the basics of bookkeeping so you can do your own bookkeeping with ease!


Created by Queen of Bookkeeping, Melanie Queen

She has been helping mother entrepreneurs like yourself, learn how to do their own bookkeeping for over 5 years. She has created a simple to follow workbook with videos, and is easy to use with any bookkeeping program.

In this program we will cover:


The program includes:

  • Monthly Bookkeeping Lessons. So you can quit googling about bookkeeping and really feel confident

  • Several VIdeos. Each lesson has a video explaining how to complete worksheets and do your own bookkeeping!

  • Lots of Worksheets. Each lesson includes at least 4 worksheets to walk you step by step through your bookkeeping journey.

  •  Weekly Group Working Sessions. Do you have questions while doing the program? Hop on a weekly group working session with The Queen of Bookkeeping, Melanie Queen.

  • Bookkeeping Google Sheets or Excel Workbook. A workbook so you don't have to have any subscriptions to QuickBooks Online or other bookkeeping program to do your own bookkeeping with ease.

  • Lessons Include:

    • A clear understanding of the differences between bookkeeping and taxes. Go to your tax                      appointment with fewer questions and more understanding!

    • Learn to fit bookkeeping into your schedule. No more putting it off until the end of the year.

    • Know who is a contractor and how to send them a 1099 at the end of the year! 1099 filing isn't hard    and I can teach you how to do it yourself with confidence!

    • Setup QuickBooks Online. For when your business grows out of those excel workbooks, I will teach you the   basics of QuickBooks Online!


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Still have questions?

How long will it take to complete a lesson?

The program is setup for on-going support. Each lesson takes a least an hour to 2 hours to complete.

How will I get the program after I purchase?

The course is in "MemberVault". Once you have paid for it. You will create a login for "MemberVault" and get access to the course, instantly.

What comes with the purchase?

Access to the course in "MemberVault". The course includes monthly lessons, several videos, downloadable worksheets, bookkeeping excel sheet, and so much more!

Would this be good for me, if I am just starting my business?

YES! This would be perfect. This would give you all the tools you need to do your own bookkeeping for your new business.

What if I haven't done my bookkeeping at all this year?

This would be a great time to get started! One of the lessons is all about how to do your bookkeeping at the end of the year and figure out a time moving forward to do your bookkeeping more often!

Do you offer refunds?

No, since this product is digital and it is available immediately. No refunds will be given.

If I wanted to start my own bookkeeping business would this be a great course for me?

No, this goes over the basics of bookkeeping and it is not meant to teach you how to do bookkeeping for other business that you don't own yourself.


One more time, this is everything you need to do your bookkeeping for your business!

  • Monthly Lessons with at least 4 worksheets each Value $597

  • Every lesson has a video Value $357

  • Weekly Working Sessions Value $257

  •  1 Bookkeeping Google Sheets or Excel Workbook Value $37

Total Value 1248 Todays Price only $27 a month!


Still not sure? Please, don't leave empty-handed!

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