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When is the best time to do your bookkeeping? 💰

The best time to do bookkeeping is when it is fresh on your mind. You can remember what you did a week ago a lot easier, than what you did three months ago!

With that being said, I highly suggest doing your bookkeeping weekly. This will not only save you lots of time because you know what you bought but it will also give you great incite into your business.

I suggest accepting transactions every week. That way it is fresh on your mind and you know what you bought. This will also only take a few minutes. You can download QuickBooks Online app (or other bookkeeping platforms) to your phone for your convivence too.

If your having a hard time figuring out when you can fit bookkeeping to your weekly schedule, your other options are monthly, or quarterly. Monthly or Quarterly is better then waiting until the end of the year do to your bookkeeping.

Why is it important? Bookkeeping is important so you can see the full picture of your business. All successful businesses need to do bookkeeping so they can grow their business and know what is the most cost effective.

When you do your bookkeeping weekly, you will be able to see trends in your spending and know where you need to make changes. Then you can make the implement the changes quicker so you can met your monthly goals.

Do you not know how to do your own bookkeeping? Do you have questions about what you can write off? Are you behind on your bookkeeping?

No problem, I have a solution! My Bookkeeping Essentials Course is what you need! Get access today to the course and I will answer all your bookkeeping related questions!

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