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Business Travel Deductions

It is summer and we are traveling, spending time with family and wondering what we can expense as a business deduction for travel!

Business travel is a very common business expense. Just be sure to use it correctly. If you want to travel for business and stay a couple extra days for personal pleasure make sure you keep your travel plans very clear. The additional personal days should be paid with personal funds. For example, you fly to California for a business conference that is from Monday-Friday, then stay for the weekend to enjoy the beach. You can only expense your meals, hotel, and ground transportation on the days your are actively working/at the conference. The additional two days should be paid with your own personal funds. The flight is a business expense because you had to fly there for the conference.

If you bring family with you, keep in mind, their expenses are not business deductions. For example, you bring your husband and kids to spend time with you in the evenings after your conference, their flights, entrainment, ground transportation, and meals are not business write offs.

Keep in mind as your calculating and tracking your mileage for this year, the following: As of July 1, 2022, the IRS raised the mileage rate to 62.5 cents a mile. You will need two mileage numbers for 2022. One for January 1, 2022- June 30, 2022 and one for July 1, 2022- December 31, 2022. By the way, my favorite way to keep track of business miles is the Quickbooks Online app.

Want to have a easy to review list of business travel Dos and Don'ts? Download my free Business Travel Dos and Don'ts, today!

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