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Goals for 2021

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Now that you have your taxes all done. It is time to set goals for this upcoming year!

1.Set goals for the year

Look at your last years profit and loss. Figure out months that were slower and months that were busier. What can you do to make those busy months easier? What can you do during those slower months to pick up sales or maybe that is a perfect vacation time!

2. Hire help to help met your goals!

Yes, it is time to hire some help. Whether it is a contractor or employee to help you in your business directly or someone to help with the office work, phone calls, social media, bookkeeping, or other tasks you don't enjoy doing.

3. implement the goals!

It is time to put those goals into action.

4. Review your goals.

It is okay to make slight changes to your goals. I would suggest at least reviewing your goals monthly. Things in your life changes. Things come up and you have to make slight changes to make your goals manageable again!

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