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Proper Bookkeeping

Do you ever find yourself with issues like duplicate transactions, or miscategorized transactions? Then you need to learn how to do proper bookkeeping!

My bookkeeping essentials coaching program will teach you have to navigate these issues and so many more!

It is important that you regularly do your bookkeeping so you can keep your records up to date and know how successful your business is doing! Without proper bookkeeping you will file taxes incorrectly and could be paying more in taxes than you should. You don't want to do that! Taxes are no fun as it is! We want to save as much as we can on taxes and proper bookkeeping helps us save on taxes!

If you don't do bookkeeping regularly, you could have some of the following issues.

  1. Duplicate, missing, or miscategorized transactions

  2. Understated or overstated income

  3. Missed fradualate charges or missing dues and subscriptions that are no longer being used

  4. Comingling between business and personal funds

  5. Missing tax payments

Have questions about how you could do your bookkeeping better? Let's meet for 30 minutes and discuss what you could improve! For only $67 you can have an one-on-one training session with me, the Queen of Bookkeeping!

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