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QuickBooks Online Sales

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Creating a New Invoice

Quickbooks Online allows you to bill your clients with invoices, sales receipts, bills, and so much more. The steps are very similar. Follow these steps for most of those options in Quickbooks Online.

Customize Invoice

Quickbooks Online allows you to customize your invoice to add your logo, change the font, make the format the way you want, change the email that get sent, and so much more!

Make Invoice Recurring

You can make invoices recurring! If you have a customer that is on a subscription, you can setup a recurring invoice and not have to worry about them getting the invoice regularly. It can be automatically sent to them!

New Customer

Adding a customer in Quickbooks Online is very important so you can have their contact information all in one place.

New Product or Service

You have a new product or service! Now it is time to add it to Quickbooks Online!

Sales Settings

The sales settings in Quickbooks Online are important because this is where you tell Quickbooks to send your money, how you want your sales handled, do you want to offer discounts, and so much more!

Sending Invoices

Sending invoices in Quickbooks Online is so important. If you don't send invoices than you may not get paid.

Setup Payments Profile

The payments profile will tell Quickbooks Online how you want to be paid. Make sure you get it setup correctly.

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