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QuickBooks Online Settings and Setup

Updated: Oct 2, 2021


The settings in Quickbooks Online is important that you review and make sure you have them set the way you want them to be set.

Advance Settings

Advance settings in Quickbooks Online, shows you how to make advance settings and changes. It explains why you would want to make those changes.

Connect Bank Accounts

Connecting bank accounts in Quickbooks Online is one of the best features of an online accounting platform. It will pull in the transactions from your bank automatically and give you real time balances of your bank account.

Expense Settings

You can change the expense settings in Quickbooks Online. This is important to make sure that your expenses are reported correctly.

Sales Settings

The sales settings in Quickbooks Online are important because this is where you tell Quickbooks to send your money, how you want your sales handled, do you want to offer discounts, and so much more!

Setup Payments Profile

The payments profile will tell Quickbooks Online how you want to be paid. Make sure you get it setup correctly.

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