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Simple Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping has four simple steps:

1. Accept transactions, meaning go into your bookkeeping software and accept the recent transactions, ideally done on a weekly basis. If unable to do it weekly, monthly or quarterly are better than end of year bookkeeping.

2. Reconcile bank accounts and credit cards. This means taking your bank statements and matching the end of period balance with what you have in your bookkeeping software.

3. Review financial reports. Usually the Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet.

4. Set realistic financial goals. This means, compare previous months and make goals for your business. May include cancelation of subscriptions, hiring new contractors or employees, increasing sales, cutting down on expenses, and ect.

I would love for you to have a easy to use checklist so that you can feel accomplished as you complete your bookkeeping weekly! Download your free Bookkeeping Checklist today!

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